The Great Musical Drum Set

The Great Musical Drum Set
Musical drums are one of the most popular instruments of all time. This instrument is present in almost every musical style. It is one of the instruments that fascinates and captivates fans throughout the ages. It is also one of the oldest instruments in existence. In this text, you will learn more about this incredible instrument that is the musical drum set.

Drum musical instrument

The drum set is a percussion musical instrument. The drums consist of drums and cymbals of different timbres. This instrument is played with two wooden or silicone sticks called drumsticks. There are also metal drumsticks in the shape of a broom commonly used in blues music. Drums are used in pop, rock, samba, jazz, reggae, gospel, MPB, country, bossa nova, sertanejo and other styles. It is a versatile instrument. The main function of drums in music is to dictate the rhythm.

Drum parts

Musical drums are a set of percussion instruments. These instruments form a complete and versatile percussion instrument. There are musical drums of different models and sizes. Generally, the basic musical drum kit consists of 20 elements. These elements are divided into the following instruments.

  • The cashier: wooden or metal drum of flattened shape. It has an acrylic skin at the top and bottom. At the bottom, there is a metal turnbuckle that can be stretched or loosened, thus changing the sound extracted from the box. The sound of the box can come from both the contact of the sticks on the skin and the rim.
  • Charleston: it consists of two plates, one facing up and the other facing down. The plates are fixed on a support attached to a pedal. The pedal is activated to unite the cymbals by extracting the sound of the cymbals and changing the sounds of the cymbal when played by the stick.
  • The bass drum: which usually stands upright and is played by a stick connected to a lever operated by the drummer's foot (pedal). It is the biggest drum of the musical drums.
  • Toms: drums usually have two toms, which are attached to a rack on top of the bass drum or attached to it. There are also drums with one tam-tam, or three, it depends a lot on the taste and purpose of the drummer.Toms have a medium timbre.
  • Dishes: these are metal discs from which the drummer extracts increasingly loud sounds. There are two types of plates: driving and attacking. Driving plates have a drier sound and are used to dictate the rhythm of the music. Attacks have a more explosive sound and are used in turn or to produce effects.
  • Drumsticks: there are two wooden sticks used to extract the sounds of the drums and cymbals from the drums. Although the tips are made of wood, they can be made of different materials. It can have a wooden tip, nylon tip, felt tip, metal tip (broom).